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HR Policies

The former principal of a private school wins BD 10,000 in compensation for being unfairly dismissed without a reason or a single warning

A few days ago, the Bahrain High Labour Court has ordered a private school to pay its former principal, an Indian national, a sum of BD 10,000 in compensation for dismissing her without a reason or a single warning, contrary to the Bahrain Labour Law. The former principal was dismissed six months into her new…

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How to conduct a fair disciplinary process

Conducting a proper internal investigation is the key to a fair disciplinary process. Internal disciplinary policy Employers should therefore be mindful of their own internal policy, take time to follow the steps that it sets out, and ensure that the employee investigated is given a fair chance to present their case, which includes having all…

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Termination by reason of redundancy

Dismissing staff is never easy. Especially in the times of economic uncertainty and the business making losses. Reduction of the size of operations / activity / loss of a significant client mean that the employer may reduce its workforce by reason of redundancy, pursuant to Article (110) of the Bahrain Labour Law. However, as per…

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